28 for 2021

28 for 2021

Omar Arbel’s 28 Table Lamp is just one of the many incarnations of this inventive and illuminating blown glass fixture for Bocci.

Bocci 289 Table Lamp transparent

At first glance, 28 appears to be a flawless spheroid, but closer inspection reveals slight imperfections —spontaneous distortions intended and achieved via subtle manipulations in temperature and direction of air flow during manufacture.

Bocci 28 Table Lamp smoke on desk with books

The shade thus manifests an otherworldly aesthetic, with “an interior landscape of satellite shapes, including an opaque milk glass diffuser.”

Bocci 28 Table Lamp transparent detail

The sphere within the sphere gives 28 its distinctive look. An accompanying black fabric cord provides an additional stylish detail—it’s semi-rigid so may be fashioned into sculpted forms.

Bocci 289 Table Lamp

The elegant brass stand with matching switch further refines 28 into a beautiful and functional lamp.

Bocci 28 Table Lamp light blue

28 is also available as a wall lamp, floor lamp, and pendant. See Bocci to find out more.

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