Nomadic Lamps by EK Design

Nomadic Lamps by EK Design

Designed by Katharina Eisenkoeck of EK Design, the ‘Nomadic’ lamps are inspired by early 20th century travel items such as leather flasks, suitcases and armoury.

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Designed as a family of three, Katharina Eisenkoeck’s portable Nomadic Lamps feature concrete shades and structured handles made from boiled leather.

Drawing parallels between these vintage items and the nomadic lifestyles that people lead today, Eisenkoeck designed the cordless Nomadic lamps as modern lanterns that can be carried around and used in a variety of different positions.

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The lamps’ angled leather handles are made using ‘Cuir Bouilli’ – an ancient method of boiling and shaping leather. As the leather is used over time, it will develop it’s own unique character, becoming more personal to the user.

Nomadic light by EK Design_2

Made from cast concrete, the three lamps are cordless and can be recharged via an induction charging system built in to an accompanying shelf. The light itself can simply be switched on and off through a touch sensor. The charging system and the light source were developed in collaboration with the Austrian LED research company Lumitech.

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About the designer: London-based designer Katharina Eisenkoeck makes furniture and product designs with a sculptural simplicity and functionality. She is particulalry interested in the revival of ancient techniques and craft processes and bringing them into a new context – as specifically shown in her work with leather. Set up in 2011, her studio, EK Design, creates long-lasting, unique products with character.

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