Paseos by Kornegay Design

Paseos by Kornegay Design

At First Glance, Paseos, a three-piece series of sculptural forms from ceramic artist and designer Claudia Issa, look as if they could wobble off into the ocean or be blown over by a stiff wind.

Paseos oceanside with bridge and city visible in background

But this is an optical illusion and part of the intended effect.

Paseos oceanside with bridge and city visible in background

For these solid, asynchronous forms (two landscape containers and a pedestal/seat) aren’t going anywhere—in fact, they’re made of bomb-proof precast concrete.

Paseos in patio in front of concrete wall with bushes behind

“Embodying an intriguing juxtaposition of balance, motion, and rotation,” Paseos function as a form of public amenity/art, the kind of art that promotes interaction, as the implication of motion catches the eye and encourages tactile exploration.

Paseos on walkway leading to building with row of trees with autumn leaves behind

A brand of Landscape Forms, Kornegay Design creates outdoor art and amenities rooted in the aesthetic of nature. The company provides quality site-specific pieces for public spaces. Concrete is a preferred medium of founder Larry Kornegay—it’s the featured material of many of the company’s products.

Paseos with steps in front of garden of ornamental grasses in public space

Find out more at Kornegay Design.

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