OLEDs Extolled as Archilume’s Ovolo wins LIT Lighting Design award

OLEDs Extolled as Archilume’s Ovolo wins LIT Lighting Design award

“Ovolo” is an architectural term meaning “a rounded convex molding; a quarter of a circle or ellipse.”

Ovolo gold

Archilume’s Ovolo Pendant

It also happens to be the well-chosen name of Archilume’s sublimely thin pendant and recent winner of the LIT Lighting Design Awards in the category of OLEDs.

Ovolo silver

Organic LEDs differ from conventional light emitting diodes in the method and nature of illumination. Instead of using a back-light, OLEDs employ a thin film made of organic molecules—for the more technically inclined, an “emissive electroluminescent layer.”

Ovolo detail during assembly

Ovolo’s organic conductive layer enables its thin, sculpted form

Accordingly, Ovolo is essentially self-illuminating. And with no need for a backlight, the shade can be made ultra thin. Lastly, the quality of light produced is markedly improved—closer to natural light and thus not only more pleasant but also more in line with our neuro-chemistry: “a flattering naturally diffuse human-centric OLED light source that provides a soft yet bright full-spectrum illumination resulting in an artificial light that resembles daylight.”

Ovolo four fixtures in kitchen

Ovolo takes its inspiration and its ovoid form from nature, emulating river rocks that have been gently smoothed by time and the steady flow of water.

Ovolo three fixtures gold, silver, and bronze

The shiny sculpted shade is made of recyclable aircraft-grade machined aluminum. And the streamlined canopy (4.25″) makes it great for single-element displays or group settings: “for an inspiring lighting installation on a grand scale in dining areas, lobbies and stairwells.” Find out more at Archilume.

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