The Poli Chair by Mikabarr and PRODUCKS

The Poli Chair by Mikabarr and PRODUCKS

Created by textile designer Studio Mikabarr and design studio PRODUCKS, the Poli chair’s undulating seat is made from Studio Mikabar’s innovative 3D textiles.

Poli Chair by PRODUCKS & Mikabarr_2

The Poli chair will be presented at Design Museum Holon's latest exhibition entitled ‘Gathering – from domestic craft to contemporary process’.

The lounge chair is created from Studio Mikabarr’s unique 3D textile and will be shown at the Design Museum Holon exhibition as an example for the Folding category, which exhibits contemporary mathematical forms created by geometric curves.

Poli Chair by PRODUCKS & Mikabarr_5

The form is developed with a unique folding technique that creates a 3D structural element out of a flat pattern. The chair's trademark upholstery is replaced by an innovative printing technique, fashioned from a single textile spread.

Poli Chair by PRODUCKS & Mikabarr_4

Mikabarr and PRODUCKS have collaborated on a number of multidisciplinary projects, creating a language which gives equal attention to product structure and surface. This is the first time Poli is being exhibited.

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About the designers: 

Studio Mikabarr is a textile and print design studio based in Tel Aviv, Israel. The studio, by Mika Barr, develops and creates unique 3D textiles and textile – based products in various printing techniques, for fashion and interiors

Yoav Avinoam and Gil Sheffi of PRODUCKS met while studying at the Bezalel academy for art and design in 2005 and have now been working together for 5 years. Their work is a constant dialogue between the physical and the philosophical world, a constant search for the balance between manufacturing techniques, materials, cultural context and identity. Today, Yoav and Gil are working with Caesarstone, Artisan, Jtlv and other manufacturers. They keep an open mind while experimenting with design in their workshop, which, is the heart of their design methodology.

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