2014 Collection by Alma Design

2014 Collection by Alma Design

Italian brand Alma Design has launched a new collection of furniture characterized by soft, rounded edges.

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Designed by Mario Mazzer, the 2014 Collection includes a dining chair, armchairs, a stool and a coffee table.

Lips is a dining chair conceived as two soft 'shells'. Made two planes of fully-padded curved wood, the upper shell forms the backrest while the lower shell curves upwards to form a seat  and two embracing armrests. 

The armchair is available in fabric, eco-leather or leather while the shell can be specified in different ash dyes and the legs are available in wood or steel.

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Meg is a large armchair with an enveloping shell that is available as an upholstered or polyethylene version. The polyethylene version, fits perfectly in outdoor spaces such as terraces and gardens and has a hole in the seat to allow rain water to drain. As an upholstered armchair, available in  a variety of different fabrics, Meg becomes a distinctive but comfortable armchair for every indoor living location.

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Gesto has elegant and sinuous lines that recall the greek letter 'lambda'. The enveloping seatback, made of cold-forged polyurethane foam with an inner structure made of steel, gently curves downwards, dividing itself into four slim legs. Gesto is available in different versions: upholstered with leather, eco leather or with any of the fabrics from the Alma Design sample book.

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Pepper is a versatile piece of furniture that can be used as a handy coffee-table, a curvaceous lamp or a comfortable stool. Its tactile structure is composed of five cylindrical elements that, fused together, recall the form of a pepper, hence it’s unusual name.


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For more information visit www.alma-design.it

About the manufacturer: Alma Design is a young, dynamic and skilled company that produces contemporary modern furniture for the home and office. Alm Design prides itself on designing and producing flexible furnishings in a wide range of materials and finishes that allow them to be used both indoors and out.

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