ICFF 2014: Mori by Rich Brilliant Willing

ICFF 2014: Mori by Rich Brilliant Willing

Brooklyn-based design studio Rich Brilliant Willing have introduced a series of hanging LED lanterns inspired by the industrious silkworm.

Rich Brilliant Willing_Mori_2

The Mori lantern by Rich Brilliant Willing is a spray coat pendant shaped by two crossed-wire hoops.

Available in four varying shapes and sizes, the Mori is the result of a multi-step process. The fixture is made by dispersing fine threads around a crossed-wire steel frame. A matte lacquer is then applied to coat and seal the threads, creating a highly durable webbed skin with a pleasing tactile finish.Rich Brilliant Willing_Mori

Bombyx mori, a silkmoth and metamorphosed relative of the silkworm, is the fixture’s namesake and is incredibly fitting, considering this LED pendant’s glowing cocoon-like effect.

For more information visit richbrilliantwilling.com

About the Designer: Rich Brilliant Willing is a contemporary lighting and furniture design manufacturer. From their Brooklyn studio workshop, RBW's creative team oversees every aspect of their process from design to assembly to distribution. The results are intelligent and iconic, simple yet expressive products that bring out the very best in new living and work environments. RBW was founded in 2007 by RISD graduates Theo Richardson, Charles Brill and Alexander Williams.

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