Gourd Bar Chandelier by Tracy Glover

Gourd Bar Chandelier by Tracy Glover

Ah, yes, the ubiquitous gourd. Seems that at this time of year we see them everywhere: from front porches to window sills, dining centerpieces to driver’s dashboards.

detail of a hand-blown pendant light with translucent/smoky color

Gourd Bar chandelier offers organic form and a delicate finish

Ok, I made up that last one but you get the point. Given our current preponderance of gourds, it’s nice to see a new iteration with a wholly different color palette: Tracy Glover’s Gourd Bar chandelier offers an enchanting assortment of blown glass pendants, with inky streaks of color and hung all in a mesmerizing row.

Gourd chandelier smoky gray finish with part of cord visible

Each pendant features Glover’s trademark “dipped” effect for a gradation from transparent to translucent. Colors include celadon, persimmon, latte, and tourmaline, all with an antique Brass finish. And they’re hung from hand-knotted ropes.

Detail of a pendant light in a medium blue

The overall look is minimalist but elegant, rustic but contemporary, definitely chic but also with just a tinge of shabby.

Gourd chandelier featuring four pendant lights in different colors/tints hung with hand-knotted ropes from metal bar with a brass/antique finish

See Tracy Glover Studio for details on fixture dimensions and glass options. And go to 3rings to further explore the rarefied world of blown glass lighting.

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