Koloro-wagon by Torafu Architects for Ichiro

Koloro-wagon by Torafu Architects for Ichiro

This small storage cart by Tokyo-based Torafu architects is the latest addition to their Koloro collection for Japanese plywood furniture brand Ichiro.

Koloro-wagon by Torafu Architects for Ichiro (14)

Perfect for kids toys and craft tools, the Koloro-wagon is a mobile storage unit made up of three stackable boxes.

Each plywood storage box has a set of handles, so that the boxes can be separated and carried around like shopping baskets. When the handles are set straight, they form the upright structure for the stack.

Koloro-wagon by Torafu Architects for Ichiro (13)

The bottom box is equipped with a set of wheels so that the stack can be easily moved around.

Koloro-wagon by Torafu Architects for Ichiro (12)

For more information contact  torafu@torafu.com or visit www.ichirodesign.jp

About the Designer: Founded in 2004 by Koichi Suzuno and Shinya Kamuro, Torafu Architectscreates everything between architectural design to interior design for shops, exhibition space design, product design, spatial installations and film making. Earning numerous prestigious Awards over the past eight years, the firm recently collaborated with Ichiro Inc. to create the Koloro plywood desks.

About the manufacturer: Japanese brand Ichiro Inc. is a manufacturer of polyester decorative plywood. All paints are mixed in-house to produce colors to order. The brand’s ‘Ichiro-Iro’ project is a contemporary collection of furniture and objects that explore the relationship between everyday spaces and furniture. ‘Iro’ is Esperanto for ‘tool’, and Ichiro conceived the collection as ‘tools’ for day-to-day living.


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