Hymn, by designer Hiroto Yoshizoe for the Japanese lighting brand Ambientec, is like a deconstructed candle flame.

Ambientec Hymn lamp on small glass table

Better said, it’s a contemporary capitulation of that flickering phenomena, one that achieves its luminescent incantations not through the element of fire, but rather through human ingenuity and inspiration.

Ambientec Hymn lamp on window ledge

Yoshizoe was drawn to the flame one afternoon at a Florence church: “In a chapel illuminated by a thin beam of natural light from outdoors, I was captivated by a single luminous spot floating in space… the magic of that one candle casting its light all around.”

Ambientec Hymn lamp two lamps side by side one black finish one gold

Hymn pays homage to the traditional candlestick holder with a series of mechanical innovations: magnets move the axis and stem at the base, provoking random vibrations and oscillations that make the illumined tip dance. And when Hymn is turned off, the light lingers for a brief moment before extinguishing itself in full, duplicating the wondrous moment of retinal imprint when an actual candle is blown out.

Ambientec Hymn lamp detail of lens tip

Hymn is available in black or gold finish. The glass cover is removable, further recalling the iconography of a classic candle lantern.

Ambientec Hymn lamp two lamps side by side in black and gold finish with white background

Hymn will be at supersalone, beginning September 5. To find our more, see Ambientec.

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