Coppélia by Arihiro Miyake for Moooi

Coppélia by Arihiro Miyake for Moooi

Inspired by the ballet of the same name, Copp©lia is a pendant lamp by Arihiro Miyake for Moooi. The story behind the ballet involves a mechanical doll that comes to life. Copp©lia captures the spirit of this mysterious transcendence.


Composed of bent metal wires and polycarbonate shades over 54 LED tubes, Copp©lia could not be possible without LED technology. The polished stainless steel frame, suspended airily like a pirouetting ballerina, appears animated by the luminous cylinders.


Copp©lia's metal recalls a clockwork doll's winding key, while the bits of dancing light emphasize motion, a metaphor perhaps for coming to life.


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