Tweetie by Jake Phipps for Casamania

Tweetie by Jake Phipps for Casamania

Despite it being mid-February, our inboxes are already starting to fill up with press releases and invites for April’s Salone del Mobile in Milan. One such preview is for the Tweetie lamp system by Jake Phipps for Italian brand Casamania.

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Jake Phipps’ Tweetie lamp system is inspired by the tradition of keeping caged canaries in the home.

Casamania explains: “Canary presence in households dates back to the Egyptian and Roman civilizations; in Middle Ages and in English courts, it was a sign of good manners to have canaries in the sitting room.”

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Available in two sizes, the playful bird and cage design has been made in collaboration with the ceramic experts at BOSA. While the birds are made from hand-painted black or 24 carat gold-plated ceramic, the frame is made from black-painted or gold-plated metal rods.

An LED lighting fixture is mounted in the base of the cage, covered by a double layer of polycarbonate.

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About the Manufacturer: Founded in 1984, Italian furniture brand Casamania works in collaboration with international designers, to create its line of high-end office and residential furniture, lighting and accessories. 

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