Fog by Front for Zero Lighting

Fog by Front for Zero Lighting

Launching this week at the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair, the Fog Lamp is a new, atmospheric pendant lamp design by Swedish design studio Front for Zero lighting.

Fog by Front for Zero Lighting_2

With its light source hidden in the socket, the Fog lamp’s partly frosted glass shade diffuses the light so the lamp appears as if it is lit by a glowing mist.

The base of the Fog lamp’s glass shade is blasted on the inside, creating a graduated texture. The LED light source, which is concealed within the lamp’s metal socket, shines down onto the frosted base of the globe creating a mysterious glow that rises up like a fog.

Fog by Front for Zero Lighting_3


Measuring 350 mm, the Fog lamps are available with copper, black or white sockets.

Fog by Front for Zero Lighting_4


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About the manufacturer: Founded in 1978, Zero is a family-run company that manufactures and sells light fittings for a variety of spaces and uses. Based in Nybro, Sweden, Zero uses up-to-date technology and collaborates with a a pool of renowned Swedish and international designers such as Mattias StÃ¥hlbom, Thomas Bernstrand, Fredrik Mattson and Front.

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