Soft Lamps: Lighting Trend

Soft Lamps: Lighting Trend

As lighting technology advances lampshades are becoming more adventurous in terms of shape and material. From unusual knitted casings that soften stark wires to eco friendly fabrics that create tactile shades, these lamps provide beautiful, lightweight and flexible lighting solutions.

Drawstring Lamp by Design Stories and Returhuset

Gothenburg-based studio Design Stories collaborated with producers and artisans at its local recycling workshop to create a series of Drawstring lamp shades made from leftover textiles. Originally designed to be used as a curtain, the rigid fabric filters the light to create a soft, atmospheric glow.

Hush Lamps by Freyja Sewell

Made from offcuts of naturally flame retardant, industrial wool felt, the biodegradable Hush lamp is designed by British designer Feyja Sewell.

Dolores Pendant by Shine Labs

Made from die cut wool panels of either anthracite or orange wool felt, the Dolores pendant by Shine Labs is sewn together with externally stitched seams and supported by a nickel plated wire frame.

Matt lamp by llot llov

Designed by llot llov, Matt is a knitted lighting element that can be draped and twisted into shapes thanks to its silicone-covered, energy-saving bulb encased within a soft knitted textile.

Diabolo lamp by Colonel

Made by French studio Colonel, the Diabolo lamp features a colorful drawstring shade and is available as a tripod, table or ceiling lamp.

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