In Situ School Furniture by Studio BrichetZiegler

In Situ School Furniture by Studio BrichetZiegler

Working in collaboration with the students at Jean Moulin Junior High in Montreuil, France, Paris-based designers Studio BrichetZiegler have developed a new line of school furniture called 'In Situ'.

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In Situ is a functional line of brightly colored metal and wood school furniture developed by Studio BrichetZiegler in collaboration with a class of teenage students.

The project was coordinated by the council of Seine-Saint-Denis, who invited Studio BrichetZiegler to find out how the students would like their school furniture to function and look. The students acted as consultants, helping to improve upon the designs, selecting colors and developing prototypes.

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Studio BrichetZiegler explain: “Our ambition was to bring ease and comfort to students and teachers, make them want to stay in school and take care of their environment, to feel confident in the classroom and in the school.”

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The resulting pieces include acoustic panelling that doubles as a display wall, a stackable chair with a built-in coat hanger on the back, a metal desk with a footrest, a teachers desk and stool, a cupboard, ceiling lamps and a wall panel with an embroidered clock.

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About the designers: Paris-based designers Caroline Ziegler and Pierre Brichet founded Studio BrichetZiegler in 2010. The duo work across interiors, furniture and product design. Projects include limited edition pieces for Gallery Coming Soon in Paris, outdoor furniture for Oxyo, and urban furniture for Axurbain. In the early 2013, they started a new collaboration with French furniture brand ‘Y a Pas Le Feu Au Lac’ and designed the interior for printers Imprimerie du Marais‘ store in Paris. In 2012 they were awarded by the VIA (Valorization of Innovation in Furnishing) for their ‘Couette’ sofa.

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