Eikon lamps by Schneid

Eikon lamps by Schneid

Following on perfectly from our post about the trend for ‘stacked’ lighting, the Eikon lamp by German designers Schneid is a modular design that layers ash, oak or bamboo with colorful metal or silicone.

Eikon lamps by Schneid_6

German designers Schneid have created the Eikon lamps; a series of turned-wood pendants with interchangeable metal shades that are simply attached with magnets.

A basic turned ash, bamboo or oak pendant serves as a base for a variety of interchangeable lamp shades. The lampshades come in various colors of metal including a graduated color design as well as a flexible silicone shade that resembles glass.

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Eikon lamps by Schneid_10

For more information contact info@schneid.org

About the designers: Based in Lübeck, Germany, Schneid is a young design practice that follows a simple and clear philosophy in design and in the production of our products: To help improve and to simplify the life of their customers. All of the Schneid products have a high focus on ecology, locality, innovation and fairness towards people and the environment.

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