Teig Lamp by Schoolhouse

Teig Lamp by Schoolhouse

This week while love is all around we’re curating sweet and simple designs like Teig Lamp by Schoolhouse, a petite and playful dimmable light fixture with a whole lot of charm. What’s not to love?

Teig Lamp in situ

While the Teig Lamp comes in a wide range of calming and glossy colors, Bellini, Azalea, and Persimmon (as shown below) are the XOXO colors little Cupid might be wearing when he aims his golden-tipped arrow towards love.

Teig’s design is in the “less is more” camp. Its vintage appeal stems from the Braun electronics dreamed up by Deiter Rams and those mid-century modern iconic mushroom lamps.

And, it’s so aptly named. Teig, German for “dough,” appears to be just that: the shape of an early loaf of bread left to rise. Only this little Teig has been turned into a lamp with a perfectly proportioned glass shade!

Teig Lamp in situ

Teig is made of steel, glass, and brass components. It comes with an eight-inch cord. An ergonomically shaped brass dimmer in a corresponding color doubles as a power knob in front.

Teig Lamp in Navy-Gloss

This pint-sized lamp looks delightful on a bedside table, atop a desk, or situated on a shelf for some glowing ambient light in any given room. Teig seems like a little friend just waiting for you to turn on its light.

A collection of Teig Lamps by Schoolhouse

Schoolhouse is based out of Portland, Oregon. Their mission is to provide a new generation of heirlooms that inspire people to create unique, meaningful spaces in which to live and work.

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