Brokis’ Knot Battery Goes Outdoors

Brokis’ Knot Battery Goes Outdoors

From renowned studio Chiaramonte Marin comes Knot Battery for Brokis, a luminous slant at illumination with simple materials and an even simpler design.

detail of handblown glass lamp with cord

Glass, fabric, and metal constitute the palette for this excellently executed gem of a table light. Transparent handblown glass is counter-posed with a simple piece of knotted rope, giving it a homey yet refined feel and providing an easy way to carry it around.

large and small table lamps with handblown glass

Why would you want to relocate it? To take it out to the verandah, or the barbecue, or the beach, of course, as the latest iteration of the family, Knot Battery S, is IP44 compliant for outdoor use.

Knot Battery lamps on tables in dusk

An additional convenience: the portable lamp is charged via a magnetic connector on the bottom beneath the light source, making for 4.5 hours of light on a single charge.

detail with cord

The Table Lamp was preceded by the equally arresting original pendant collection.

Knot Battery collection of pendant lamps and table lamps

Get yours at Brokis. And see more amazing handblown light fixtures at Designer Pages Media.

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