Wooden Lamps: Lighting Trend

Wooden Lamps: Lighting Trend

Appealing to our innate senses, wood is a natural material that evokes a sense of warmth when used in the interior. It’s also an incredibly versatile material as demonstrated across these diverse lighting designs. As well as being used to create a sturdy structures, wood is used to create elegant lamps shades that diffuse light and show off the grain.

Wooden Lamps_ Lighting Trend_lzf-chou-wood-lamp_1

Spanish firm LZF specialises in producing sculptural lamp shades from wood veneer. The Chou series by designers Yonoh studio is inspired by the film "The World of Susie Wong" and the cinematic aroma of Hong Kong.

James Smith Designs Ltd. James Smith Designs Ltd.

Made of carefully arranged strands of willow, the Glade Pendant lamp by James Smith Designs is lit by high quality LED units that create a stunning display of shadows around the lamp. Hand crafted in the UK, the Glade lamps are inspired by the natural complexity inherent in plant life, this iteration is the latest in a developing series that explore the manipulation of light and shadow which the studio is excited to showcase for the first time.

Wooden Lamps_ Lighting Trend_JTom Raffield _No 1 Pendant_1

Made from 80 meters of steam-bent ash, oak or walnut, Tom Raffield’s No1 Pendant lamp is is hand made in the UK. The strips of wood are woven, coiled and twisted around one another to produce a unique lampshade design.

Wooden Lamps_ Lighting Trend__Roll and Hill_Mini_Endless_Sconce_Oak_

The Mini Endless Sconce by Jason Miller is made up of luminescent acrylic tubes supported by brass hardware. Wood and powder coated body sections conceal the electronics while the addition of ball joints and custom hardware allow for almost any configuration.

Wooden Lamps_ Lighting Trend_Woodendot_Ka_Lamp_S_01

Designed by Madrid-based design studio Woodendot, the Ka Lamp S is a table lamp with a circular concave base that functions as a little storage tray for small objects. The small leather detail at the base of the stem adds visual interest and echoes the lamp's angular cotton shade. All of the Ka lamps are available in black or white options.

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