Power Cube by KnollExtra

Power Cube by KnollExtra

The perfect companion for collaborative working environments,

the Power Cube by KnollExtra® has handy built-in power outlets that facilitate impromptu meetings in the office.

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The Power Cube is a recharging hub for causal collaboration.

The Power Cube offers easy access to power and communication at the table top for collaborative working. Designed to facilitate the sharing of ideas, the Power Cube features a writable whiteboard finish surface for jotting down notes and ideas and power and USB access for laptops and mobile devices.
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The unobtrusive white cube design is available in two sizes and is intended to blend seamlessly into a variety of office spaces. It can be paired with side chairs throughout the office or with lounge furniture in waiting areas, and can be hard-wired to the floor or plugged into an outlet.
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For more information visit www.knoll.com
About the manufacturer: KnollExtra is a division of Knoll that focuses on ergonomic technology support.

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