Ruban Coffee Table by RKNL Furniture Design

Besides its Dutch production, Amsterdam-based furniture design studio RKNL collaborates with Brooklyn-based manufacturers to bring its collection to life for US customers in order to "support local creative economies." This bi-continental production method also eliminates unnecessary shipping and energy consumption. RKNL's new coffee table, known as Ruban, also joins two cultures-European design and Japanese technique.

Japanese Technique of Burning Wood Intensifies Grain Pattern

Ruban Coffee Table by RKNL Furniture Design

Constructed of brushed brass and burned oak, Ruban showcases the Shou-sugi-ban method of burning wood, which produces a deep charcoal color and intensifies the grain pattern. For those who want a different aesthetic, Ruban is also available in natural oak (or request others woods such as American walnut).

Ruban Coffee Table by RKNL Furniture Design

Notwithstanding the beautiful woodwork, Ruban also features sinuous lines and complementary materials: "The base of this solid wooden coffee table cuts like a ribbon through the oak top." Other details include secretly painted interiors so beautiful it makes opening a drawer seem like finding a hidden gem.

For specifying information, email USA@RKNL.COM.

About the Manufacturer: RKNL Furniture was founded by designer Ronald Knol in order to create simple, beautiful furniture with an emphasis on function. Defined by clean lines and soft edges, RKNL pieces are designed to be timeless. The company works with local manufacturers in Europe and the United States.

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