Hood by Form Us With Love for ateljé Lyktan

Hood by Form Us With Love for ateljé Lyktan

Designed for Swedish lighting company atelj© Lyktan, the Hood modular pendant by Stockholm-based designers Form Us With Love is a lamp with an oversized felt shade that provides both privacy and light. 

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Hood by Form Us With Love for Atelj© Lyktan is a pendant lamp built around the emotional value of a shelter.

Made of modular compressed-felt panels, the enveloping lamp is designed to hang over a desk or table to create a more intimate and private environment.

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Connected together at the seams with small pegs, the panels come in three different shapes – corner panels, curved side panels and flat top panels – which can be put together to create a variety of different shapes and sizes of lamp.

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For more information visit www.atelje-lyktan.se

About the Manufacturer: atelj© Lyktan is a long-established Swedish lighting company which develops, manufactures and markets luminaires for both outdoor and indoor use, deploying Swedish design for public environments and discerning consumers. The company’s vision is to use innovative solutions and consummate design to become an attractive supplier to all of its business partners and customers. They strive to employ the latest technology and energy-efficient solutions in order to contribute to a better environment both for their customers and the world we live in

About the DesignerForm Us With Love is a Stockholm-based studio that continually strives to "challenge the conventional through design initiatives." The trio of John Löfgren, Jonas Pettersson, and Petrus Palm© has authored multiple award-winning designs, including the Hexagon woodwool cement board and the flatpack Bento Chair. Even so, Form Us With Love's real pleasure isn't in creating the final product, but "the process of thinking, creating and communicating design."

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