PSFK’s The Future of Home Living: Top 5 Products

PSFK’s The Future of Home Living: Top 5 Products

The Future of Home Living

exhibit by PSFK takes research gathered by the PSFK Labs detailing 13 trends in modern urban living and makes them interactive by showcasing products that reflect those trends. Here are our top five favorite pieces from the exhibit.

PSFK, Future of Home Living, Camille Desk, Vurv Design

Camille Desk

As he gave a tour around the exhibit, PSFK’s editor in chief Piers Fawkes said the Camille Desk by Vurv Design has been the most popular piece of the entire exhibit – and for good reason. The minimal and modern desk is designed to be used while standing to promote a healthier work lifestyle. Reflecting the larger trend of adaptivity, the desk mounts on the wall and has a flip down writing surface in addition to many other drawers and small shelves for storage. It’s 24″ wide x 26″ tall and 12.5″ deep dimensions make it easy to mount in tight spaces or entryways, and the desk surface measures about 18″ when opened. Handmade by American designer Glenn Ross in Canada, the desk is made entirely from bent birchply and comes in five wood veneers.

PSFK, Future of Home Living, Click and Grow

Click and Grow

Click and Grow gardens are “smartpots” that take the guess work out of having a green thumb. The electronic self-watering pots grow plants and vegetables while monitoring their conditions to provide them with the best amount of water, air, and fertilizer to suit the plant’s needs. The kit comes with all the necessary electronics, sensors, batteries, a pump and water reservoir, and replaceable seed cartridges for growing mini tomatoes, chillies, flowers, and herbs.

PSFK, Future of Home Living, Doorbot


The Doorbot is a clever little way of making your doorbell smarter. The Wi-Fi enabled doorbell lets you know when someone comes to your door by sending an audio or video notification to your smartphone or tablet. Connect your mobile device to the Doorbot and using the built-in microphone and camera, the Doorbot lets you monitor your home and its visitors even when you’re not there. It’s also weather resistant and has a super long battery life, lasting over a year without needing a charge.

PSFK, Future of Home Living, Lenovo, UM Project

Lenovo Horizon Table PC and UM Project's AT-UM Table

François Chambard of UM Project designed this table integrated with Lenovo’s Horizon Table PC to allow you to go from desktop to easel to gaming easier than ever before. In an interview, Chambard describes the table as defined by the space it inhabits, rather than the space around it. “It can provide a very personal space if used as a traditional PC,” he says, “or it can provide an amazing interactive and collective experience if used as a flat and interactive tablet for multiple people.”

PSFK, Future of Home Living, Petal Lamp

P©tale Lamp

It may look like an object from outer space, but the Luceplan P©tale D71 Suspension Lamp designed by Odile Decq is really an elegant and function addition to any space. It’s organic form and white upholstery makes it an easy fit into almost any decor, and its internal Ecophon sound absorbent panel invisibly improves the acoustics of the room, keeping your environment peaceful and quiet.

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