Milan 2013: Luceplan

Milan 2013: Luceplan

In addition to expanding several of their current lines, Milan-based lighting manufacturer Luceplan launched three new introductions at Milan’s 2013 Euroluce show: Ascent by Daniel Rybakken, Illusion by Francisco Gomez Paz, and Silenzio by Monica Armani. The pieces focus on the marriage of form and function with sophisticated designs that reveal new technology when put to use.

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The Ascent table lamp

Ascent, designed by Daniel Rybakken is a reinvented table lamp that allows light intensity to be adjusted with a movable shade (in semi-gloss paint) that controls a dimmer located in the extruded thermoplastic stem, which has a slender reveal that offers a peak at the electronic circuit within. The lamp is available in two versions that allow it to be fastened to a table with an anchor bolt or rest atop its own base.

Illusion, wall lamp, Euroluce 2013, Luceplan
The Illusion wall lamp

The Illusion wall lamp by Francisco Gomez Paz is the result of recent research by Luceplan that resulted in the ability to apply injection molding technology to a Fresnel lens. The result is a highly efficient LED wall lamp that produces the same quantity of light with 17 watts of power that would normally be obtained with 150. Just 4 centimeters thick, the lamp functions in indoor and outdoor settings.

Silenzio, ceiling lamp, Euroluce 2013, Milan 2013, Luceplan
The Silenzio ceiling lamp

Monica Armani’s Silenzio is a new collection of suspension and wall lamps with upholstered surfaces that allow them to function as both lighting and noise dampeners. Luceplan partnered with Danish manufacturer Kvadrat on the collection’s textiles, offering its Remix 2 collection designed by Giulio Ridolfo in a range of colors.

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About the Manufacturer: Since May 2010 Luceplan is part of the Consumer Luminaires Business of Philips Lighting. Linking a leading Italian design brand to the most advanced research on new light sources, especially LEDs, is an ambitious, farsighted project that will make it possible to consolidate and expand the reputation of Luceplan in the world.

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