Top Ten: Pet Furniture

Top Ten: Pet Furniture

Are you in the market for more extravagant pet furniture? Who isn’t? If you’re one of the many pet lovers that believe their pet is special and only the best will do, then check out our top ten favorite pet furniture pieces.

 Top Ten, pet furniture, Large Woven Pet Bed, Veneman Furniture

1. Large Woven Pet Bed 
MANUFACTURER: Veneman Furniture
PRICE: Inquire for pricing
Width: 42″ Depth: 32″

With a pillow is fringed in tassels, the Large Woven Pet Bed looks less like a bed, and more like a throne – perfect for a queen, or at least her pets.

Top Ten, pet furniture, Loll, Pet Bowls

2. Loll Pet Bowls
PRICE: $129.00
Small: 1 Quart, 15.25″ W X 8″ D X 4″ H 

Loll Pet Bowls are made with durable and hygienic 100% recycled HDPE, which means no paint or finish will flake off into the pet’s food or water, and everything can go into the dishwasher.

Top Ten, pet furniture, Forma Italia, Chalet

3. Forma Italia Chalet
PRICE: Inquire for pricing
101 cm x 75 cm x 75 cm

Not all dogs want a traditional doghouse, so Forma Italia created the Chalet for the modern dog. The stainless steel roof protects your pet from sun and rain.

Top Ten, pet furniture, Custom Reclaimed Wood Dog Beds, Olga Guanabara

4. Custom Reclaimed Wood Dog Bed
DESIGNER: Olga Guanabara
PRICE: Starting at $520.00

Many pet beds are delicate affairs made for little dogs, but not Olga Guanabara’s Reclaimed Wood Dog Beds which are made from reclaimed Douglas fir and steel – masculine enough for any guard dog.

Top Ten, pet furniture, Chimere, Bloom Room

5. Chimere Modern Pet Line
DESIGNER: Bloom Room
PRICE: Inquire for pricing

Bloom Room has designed the perfect indoor pet house to fit with any home decor. Clean and simple, this pet house is a subtle addition to any home.

Top Ten, pet furniture, Walloff Pet Feeder, Stone Designs

6. Walloff Pet Feeder
DESIGNER: Stone Designs
PRICE: $50.00

The Pet Feeder is not just a brightly colored dish, it’s a serving tray as well.  If you have a messy pet, the tray area helps to keep the space around their dish clean.

Top Ten, pet furniture, Medium Pet Bed, Veneman Furniture

7. Medium Pet Bed
MANUFACTURER: Veneman Furniture
PRICE: Inquire for pricing
Width: 35″ Depth: 28″

The Medium Pet Bed by Veneman Furniture is a dignified perch for any pooch.

Top Ten, pet furniture, Koppinen Dog House, Saara Utti

8. Koppinen Dog House
DESIGNER: Saara Utti
PRICE: Inquire for pricing

Saara Utti’s Dog House is perfect if you’re short on space, just tuck it into a corner and instantly create a four-walled home for your pet. Also, the houses come unfinished so you can customize it to fit any style.

Top Ten, pet furniture, TownHaus Wood Dog Crate Furniture, DenHaus

9. TownHaus Wood Dog Crate Furniture
PRICE: $449.99
23″ x 22.5″ x 19.5″

The TownHaus by Denhuas is a sturdy piece of furniture on the outside, and a cozy space for your pet on the inside.

Top Ten, pet furniture, Dog Pool Float, Frontgate

10. Dog Pool Float 
PRICE: $69.50 – $129.50
Large: 47″ diameter, for dogs up to 80 lbs.

Not all dogs like to swim, but some might still enjoy an afternoon afloat. Avoid the smell of wet dog as your pet drifts along in the Dog Pool Float by Frontgate.

Hope you enjoyed our roundup of the Top Ten Pet Furniture!

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