Top Ten: Modular Tables

Top Ten: Modular Tables

Flexibility can be the feature that sets a piece of furniture apart from its counterparts, and that goes for even the largest pieces like tables. Modular tables, with their flexibility, functionality, and style, serve every kind of environment from offices, to meeting rooms, to homes, and more.

modular tables, zoom, Davis Furniture

1. Zoom Table
MANUFACTURER: Davis Furniture
Built of conference table tops and linking tops, the Zoom table series makes the company meeting room more interconnected with its flexible, changeable design.

modular tables, fat fat, b&b italia

2. Fat Fat low tables
DESIGNER: Patricia Urquiola

This series of three tables take the tray theme into a new realm of utility with its light, stackable design.

modular tables, fractal, Nicholas Karlovasitis, Sarah Gibson

3. Fractal table
DESIGNER: Nicholas Karlovasitis & Sarah Gibson
DIMENSIONS: 430mm W x 364mm H x 353mm D (individual pieces)

The triangular pieces that make up the Fractal table are made with walnut or Australian hoop pine plywood and can be used separately or together, held in place by hidden magnets.

modular tables, hex table, lerival

4. Hex Table
DIMENSIONS: 16″ H x 13″ D

Celebrating minimalism, Hex Tables are made of sleek stainless steel and fit seamlessly next to one another, allowing for a nearly infinite number of configurations.

modular tables, The Compound table, italy ohaly

5. The Compound table
DESIGNER: Italy Ohaly

The Compound table questions the functionality and definition of the traditional living room table by breaking up its static form and increasing modularity, encouraging interaction between its piece and the user.

modular tables, nimble, jason lees

6. Nimble Tables
DESIGNER: Jason Lees
DIMENSIONS: 22.5" W x 26" D x 18" H
PRICE: $420

Made with FSC Certified Europly Birch Plywood, a water-based low VOC stain, and a non-yellowing water-based low VOC clear topcoat, the Nimble Tables combine functionality and versatility into charming, groupable triangles.

modular tables, x-plus table, Shi Xiaoxi

7. X-plus Table
DESIGNER: Shi Xiaoxi

Made of a single sheet of steel, the X-plus Table creates a dynamic geometrics form that’s minimalist yet bold.

modular tables, Sebastopol Tables, coalesse, Emilia Borgthorsdottir

8. Sebastopol Tables
DESIGNER: Emilia Borgthorsdottir

Two shapes and two heights define this set of occasion tables that eschew convention and invite interaction.

modular tables, REK coffee table, Reinier de Jong

9. REK coffee table
DESIGNER: Reinier de Jong
DIMENSIONS: 80 x 60 x 30 cm (collapsed)

The wooden surfaces of the REK coffee table slide in and out to transform the entire piece into different shapes perfect for all kinds of areas.

modular tables, 7wonders, amanda karsberg

10. 7wonders table
DESIGNER: Amanda Karsberg

Both small and large areas are served with the six pieces of the 7wonders table that take different, eclectic shapes and are all simple and essential.

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