Top Ten: Seen at NeoCon East 2012

Top Ten: Seen at NeoCon East 2012

Last week saw NeoCon East in Baltimore open it’s doors to the east coast commercial design community. With a focus on GSA, the show allows exhibitors to flex their government certified muscles. Here were our top picks from the show floor.

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1. Us chair family
DESIGNER: Jeff Weber and Laura Guido-Clark Design
MANUFACTURER: American Seating
PRICE: Inquire for pricing

Combining a simplistic design with rigorous engineering for high performance, the Chair Family, which includes the Four Leg Chair and Sled Base Chair, has a universal appeal that can make it a fit for almost any commercial interior environment — from higher education and office environments to healthcare and hospitality settings.

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2. Emme
DESIGNER: Jess Sorel
PRICE: Inquire for pricing

Tables, cushioned benches, and consoles share simple lines and architectural forms, while the palette celebrates material, color, and detail. Restrained or dynamic in expression, Emme stays balanced and in sync.

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3. Quarry
DESIGNER: Bruce Sienkowski
MANUFACTURER: Leland International
PRICE: Inquire for pricing

The symmetrical shapes of this collaborative bench series works well for seating, and by configuring the pieces, one can create spaces with an organic, natural feel.

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4. Dye Lab
DESIGNER: Designer Name
MANUFACTURER: Shaw Contract Group
PRICE: Inquire for pricing

Ancient wash and dye techniques reinterpreted, fabric is woven, twisted, bundled, dipped and dyed. The results are unpredictable, the color discoveries surreal. And in this cradle-to-cradle collection, no two tiles are precisely the same.

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5. iQ Natural flooring
PRICE: Inquire for pricing

iQ Natural is available in 24 colorways, each inspired by nature. Its subtle, non-directional pattern and inspired-by-nature color palette offer design-friendly solutions for any application.

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6. C.R. Lounge
DESIGNER: Wolfgang C.R. Mezger
MANUFACTURER: Davis Furniture
PRICE: Inquire for pricing

With its clean aesthetic, C.R. Lounge boasts an unexpected mixture of very hard, abrupt lines and very soft, comfortable seating.

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7. Colors of Carnegie Xorel and upholstery
PRICE: Inquire for pricing

We loved the vibrant colors exhibited at Carnegie’s booth both with its upholstery selections as well as the Xorel wall coverings, a custom design.

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8. Iconic Intensity
DESIGNER: Valerie Ottaviano
MANUFACTURER: Bentley Prince Street
PRICE: Inquire for pricing

Featuring a reimagined and progressive color line, Iconic Intensity represents a bold arrangement of stripes crafted with various textures.

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9. Clarity seating series
DESIGNER: BMW Group DesignworksUSA
PRICE: Inquire for pricing

This series of light use task, guest and lounge seating represents a first-time collaboration for Allsteel with BMW Group DesignworksUSA. The aesthetic is restrained, allowing the functionality to become the focus, yet it is undeniably comfortable.

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10. Phoulds
PRICE: Inquire for pricing

Phoulds conference seating was developed by Allermuir to harmonize perfectly with a spectrum of meeting venues, and is available with a 4-star aluminum base or 4-leg frame in high back, medium back or light stacking options.

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