Top Ten: Outdoor Loungers

Top Ten: Outdoor Loungers

Summer is just around the corner, and nothing says summer like relaxing on an outdoor lounge chair. From the minimalist to the multi-person, all of these beautiful outdoor lounge chairs are designed with comfort in mind. Here are the top ten outdoor loungers we’d like to find ourselves lying on this summer.

Top Ten, Outdoor Loungers, Lucca Chaise Lounge in Triple-Twist Weave, Indecasa

1. Lucca Chaise Lounge in Triple-Twist Weave
DESIGNER: Joan Casas i Ortinez
PRICE: $1,350
H 38″ W 24.5″ D 69″

Inspired by the bright colors of Barcelona, Ortinez’s classic chaise lounge features clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic. The orange mesh is woven in a larger more textured weave, which permits better air circulation on a hot day.

Top Ten, Outdoor Loungers, Tokyo Outdoor Chaise Lounge, Cassina

2. Tokyo Outdoor Chaise Lounge
DESIGNER: Charlotte Perriand
PRICE: $5,415
150 cm x 65.5 cm x 65 cm

Perriand’s reinterpretation of Le Corbusier’s LC4 Chaise Longue, the Outdoor Tokyo Chaise Lounge is a fanciful combination of nature and the rational aesthetic of the International Style.

Top Ten, Outdoor Loungers, Mermaid Garden Daybed, Kenneth Cobonpue

3. Mermaid Garden Daybed
MANUFACTURER: Kenneth Cobonpue
PRICE: $3,490
67″ L x 34.8″ W x 27.3″ W

With a proportionately balanced body type and adjustable reclining back, this outdoor chaise lounge offers hours of relaxation. The contours are hand-woven with polyethylene fiber over a lightweight powder-coated aluminum frame.

Top Ten, Outdoor Loungers, Shafa XL Lounge Chair, Design Kollection

4. Shafa XL Lounge Chair
MANUFACTURER: Design Kollection
PRICE: $18,462
87″ W X 87″ D X 75″ H

The Shafa XL Lounge Chair is the perfect combination of sleek design and functionality. The round shape with circular openings are perfect for sun and breeze.

Top Ten, Outdoor Loungers, Wave, La Fête Design

5. Wave
DESIGNER: Angie Thornbury
PRICE: $1,160
72″ L x 24″ W x 26″ H

This ergonomically designed chaise lounge is perfect for relaxing in the sun. While it looks like a modern sculpture, the strong structural foam is lightweight and easily to move.

Top Ten, Outdoor Loungers, Baitan, PIE Studio

6. Baitan
DESIGNER: Bannavis Andrew Sribyatta
MANUFACTURER: PIE Studio: Project Import Export
PRICE: Inquire for pricing
30” x 72” x 26”

The palm-leaf-inspired Baitan is a rocking chaise lounge made from recyclable polyethylene, so you can feel good about the environment while you rock the afternoon away.

Top Ten, Outdoor Loungers, Spartan Daybed, Neoteric Luxury

7. Spartan Daybed
MANUFACTURER: Neoteric Luxury
PRICE: $6,000.00
109″W x 57″D x 53″H

Both fun to look and lounge in, the Spartan Daybed is traditional wicker woven into a modern design.

Top Ten, Outdoor Loungers, Miyako Outdoor Wicker Day Bed, Neoteric Home

8. Miyako Outdoor Wicker Day Bed
PRICE: $5,395
72″ x 72″ x 60″ High

Constructed with woven wicker over an aluminum frame, this day bed is perfect for an afternoon nap in the shade.

Top Ten, Outdoor Loungers, Canasta Chaise Longue, B&B Italia Outdoor

9. Canasta Chaise Longue
DESIGNER: Patricia Urquiola
MANUFACTURER: B&B Italia Outdoor
PRICE: $4,487
W 1010 mm x H 360 mm x L 2000 mm

The Canasta Chaise’s woven pattern has a nostalgic look, but a modern feel. The Vienna straw inspired design is a comfortable piece to add to an outdoor space.

Top Ten, Outdoor Loungers, Aziyadé Day Bed, Philippe Hurel

10. Aziyadé Day Bed
MANUFACTURER: Philippe Hurel
PRICE: Inquire for pricing

With a refined but simple aesthetic, the Aziyadé Day Bed is timeless and classic. Natural teak slats on an aluminum base create an elegant simplicity. The end wheels make it easy to chase the sun.

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