Top Ten: Seen at The Architectural Digest Home Design Show

Top Ten: Seen at The Architectural Digest Home Design Show

The Architectural Digest Home Design Show wrapped this past Sunday but these gorgeous designs will live on in our memories. Here are our favorites from the show.


1. Hikari Table Light
DESIGNER: Fiyel Levent
PRICE: $1,200
H 26″ x D 9″

Inspired by traditional Japanese paper lamps and the work of artists Ruth Asawa and Isamu Noguchi, the paper lights were first conceives as a series of handmade ink and pen drawings that took over one year to complete.



2. Leather Round Mirror and Comet Credenza
DESIGNER: Palo Samko
PRICE: Inquire for pricing
Credenza: L 72″ x H 29″ x D 18″

Samko has made a name for himself with originally creative designs that create a genre all their own. Rusticity meets artistry and polish with his latest collection.


3. Davies Mirror
DESIGNER: Egg Collective
PRICE: Inquire for pricing
54"³L x 24"³W x 2"³D

Egg Collective’s new pieces were a breath of fresh air on the show floor, and the geometric Davies Mirrors triptych was the perfect mix of inviting angles and brushed gold leaf finish. Another favorite was the white on white wallpaper, a collaboration with Flat Vernacular.


4. Untitled Wall 
DESIGNER: Patrick Weder
PRICE: Inquire for pricing

A stunning wall piece made of tonal, sustainably sourced leather in a random grid is a show piece framed in a naturally dyed, walnut frame.



5. Silk/Mohair Throw and Waffle Knit Wallhanging
DESIGNER: Hiroko Takeda
PRICE: Inquire for pricing

Hiroko Takeda creates textiles for international luxury brands and independent clients in the architecture, home furnishing, fashion and art worlds. The work is intricate, luxurious and exquisitely well crafted.



6. Lincoln Chair and Serenade Table
DESIGNER: Asher Israelow
PRICE: Inquire for pricing

Israelow’s studio specializes in custom projects, but show attendees were treated to a collection of finely crafted wood furniture that nods to mid-century inspiration. An eye for detail is what sets Israelow apart.


7. Tea Chair
DESIGNER: Token (for Karkula)
PRICE: Inquire for pricing
30″ × 19″ × 21.5″

The striking lines of Token’s Tea Chair stood out without even having a booth of their own.


8. A-line Server
DESIGNER: Miles and May
PRICE: Inquire for pricing
H 28″ x W 21.5″ x L 84″

Long and low, the A-line Server is made of reclaimed chestnut drawer fronts and blackened steel surround. The white steel frame and handles lighten the entire piece for a balanced aesthetic.


9. Wabi wallpaper
PRICE: Inquire for pricing

Inspired by the landscapes of the east, Wabi conjures the feel of water flowing over pebbles.


10. Ceiling Lamp
DESIGNER: May Furniture Co.
PRICE: Inquire for pricing

A scientific feel gives this ceiling lamp a novel edge.

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