Locus Workstation by Focal

Locus Workstation by Focal

The human body was not designed to sit in the same position all day long, but unfortunately, with so many of us doing sedentary jobs, that’s what we’re doing day in, day out. Recognizing the need for a workstation that promotes movement, Martin Keen of Focal Upright Furniture created a body-conscious workstation called Locus.

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Focal Upright Furniture’s Locus Workstation promotes mobility and reduces static loading by encouraging users to stand instead of sit while working.

The key components of the design are a tilted desk and sit-to-stand stool that allows the worker to alternate between the two postures. Resembling a cross between a bicycle and a skateboard, the Locus Seat encourages a perched working posture that orientates the thighs more vertical, therefore decreasing pelvis rotation and discomfort and pain-inducing lumbar flexion.

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The design is modular and customers can add additional components such as a task lamp, an anti-fatigue mat, shelving and brackets.

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About the manufacturer: The Rhode Island-headquartered brand Focal Upright Furniture was launched in 2012 by former footwear designer Martin Keen, when he introduced the Locus Workstation at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York City. Since then the workstation has gone onto win the ErgoExpo award for best new product and Keen has plans to launch many more products that promote what he calls the “upright lifestyle”.

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