Work Anywhere with the Beaktor Remote Office

Work Anywhere with the Beaktor Remote Office

Who knew the humble peg board could ignite a revolution in workspace design?

Beaktor desk with woman working and participating in video call and dog on a chair next to her

Beaktor Remote Office, designed by Work Anywhere MLJ, S.L., employs this most simplistic and utilitarian of concepts to establish good ergonomics in the astoundingly compact space of one square meter.

Man with green hair working at Beaktor workstation in home offfice with poppy art and a record player

Beaktor is a fold-down desk, yes, but it’s much more than that. The wall-mounted module allows you to attach the device of your choosing—laptop, tablet, phone, what have you—at eye level, thus avoiding the most common pitfall of compact desks: the dreaded forward head tilt.

Detail of workstation showing dock for phone and partial view of computer screen

Other features expand and reinforce this ergonomic focus: the desk edge features a tapered profile that keeps wrists in a neutral position, while the tabletop depth facilitates the desired right angle at the knees.

dual image showing good and bad ergonomics and computer work station

Other ways in which Beaktor promotes healthy habits include integrated lighting with wellness, focus, and low-glare settings; built-in accessories/storage; and integrated power and data.

Detail of peg board module with integrated power

Delivery and installation of Beaktor is a light load on the environment. It delivers to the door in a clever flat-pack box and installs in under 30 minutes.

Beaktor station in non-use mode showing BeakArt magnetic covering

Beaktor also blends in nicely when not in use. The underside of the work surface is adorned with BeakArt, a curated collection of magnetic images that creates an interchangeable protective skin. Beaktor offers five compelling designs, and they offer custom art as well.

Beaktor station front view with phone, laptop, paper document

See Beaktor for more. And visit 3rings for additional compact desks.

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