Formr’s Understudy Desk

Formr’s Understudy Desk

Formr’s underSTUDY desk hits just the right note as we begin to ease into the post-COVID era.

Formr's underSTUDY desk white bracing with computer and pencil case

I don’t say that just because it’s a slick and streamlined solution for working at home in small spaces, but also because it’s socially and culturally prescient.

Formr's underSTUDY desk detail orange bracing

The manufacturer, San Francisco-based Formr, supports two major social causes: sustainability and recidivism.

Formr's underSTUDY desk gray bracing wide

Just so, all of Formr’s products are made of construction waste—materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill. The company also makes a habit of hiring formerly incarcerated individuals, “giving people hope for a successful fresh start and a second chance.”

Formr's underSTUDY desk yellow bracing detail with partial view of computer and glass of water

An item like underSTUDY is thus doubly meaningful. Consumers get a cool and highly functional product with absolutely zero qualms about what their dollars are supporting.

Formr's underSTUDY desk orange bracing wide

underSTUDY comes in three widths: 17.5, 24, and 33.5 inches. Colors include off-white, charcoal, chartreuse, dark orange, and teal.

Formr's underSTUDY desk teal bracing with computer, water, pencil case

Find out more at Formr. And see Designer Pages Media for more work-at-home solutions.

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