Top Ten: Reclaim NYC

Top Ten: Reclaim NYC

New York City’s design community is teaming up to raise money for those affected by Superstorm Sandy with a Designer Pages sponsored auction of furniture created from materials reclaimed or salvaged after the storm and of pieces inspired by the flooding. The event, called Reclaim NYC, will be held on December 19, 2012, from 7-9 p.m. at Ligne Roset’s SoHo showroom at 155 Wooster Street. Here are just ten of the exciting, one of a kind pieces that you can expect to see at the auction. For those who will be in town, make sure to RSVP to

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1. Sandy Chest

Constructed out of one soaked and weather-beaten piece of red oak, this chest is meant to look like it has been through a storm, yet feel like an object deserved of holding ones’ most prized keepsakes.Top Ten, Reclaim NYC, Daniel Moyer, High+Dry.Table

2. High+Dry.Table
DESIGNER: Daniel Moyer

Wood worker Daniel Moyer recovered beautiful western red cedar from debris on Fire Island, and re-purposed it into a long-legged table with a painted black flood line. See his entire process here.

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3. I Lovey NY
DESIGNER: Brad Ascalon

A reinterpretation of Ascalon’s Love Table for Ligne Roset, this is a collaboration between designer, lumber yard and makers. The butcher block table top is made from Cyprus wood from Tinsman Brothers of Lumberton, PA, the oldest lumber yard in the country.

Top Ten, Reclaim NYC, Bec Brittain, Candelabra

4. Candelabra
DESIGNER: Bec Brittain

A candelabra made from steel will be blackened on the tip while the bottom half is left in salt water. The piece will have a flood water line.

Top Ten, Reclaim NYC, Kiel Mead, Driftwood Hooks

5. Driftwood Hooks

Colored reclaimed driftwood mounts onto wall as hook. These are a favorite item from Kiel, and he will be making hooks in exaggerated sizes and commemorative colors.

Top Ten, Reclaim NYC, Lindsey Adelman, Stick Lamp

6. Stick Light
DESIGNER: Lindsey Adelman

The lighting designer of the moment, Lindsey Adelman has made two wall mounted pieces. The sconce (pictured) and a six-foot installation made of sticks backlit with LED.

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7. Recliner
DESIGNER: Suzanne Tick

A reclining chair that was severely damaged in the storm is being repaired by darning it with brightly colored yarns. The chipped paint on the metal would be cleaned up, but still show the weathered patina.

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8. UM Project Vignette

The incomparable François Chambard felt so inspired that he will be donating three vessels, two table lamps and one floor lamp. As per his request, a  portion of his proceeds will go towards Red Hook-based Token NYC’s rebuilding fund. Token’s studio was completely flooded during the storm and are working to rebuild their studio and replace their broken machinery. A cash raffle of one or more of UM Project’s pieces will allow you to contribute a little and still have a chance to go home with a beautiful piece of design.

Top Ten, Reclaim NYC, Joe Doucet

9. Water Water
DESIGNER: Joe Doucet

“Like most people in the path of Sandy, the first thing I did was to wait on line to stock up on water.” Joe Doucet used these empty water bottles to make moulds to cast solid acrylic forms ranging from clear to opaque, symbolizing the deepening crisis that water caused the city over time

Top Ten, Reclaim NYC, Dror

10. Uprooted
DESIGNER: Dror Benshetrit

Uprooted is a haunting image of New York City seen through Dror’s eyes after Hurricane Sandy.

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