Top Ten: 3D Wall Panels

Top Ten: 3D Wall Panels

It’s the next dimension in wall coverings, literally. 3D wall panels offer a dramatic alternative to traditional flat wallpaper. A feature wall in 3D wall panels creates a huge impact, lending an architectural feel to the room. Here are our favorite Top Ten 3D Wall Panels.

Top Ten, Lithos Design, 3D Wall Panels, Foulard

1. Foulard
DESIGNER: Raffaello Galiotto
60 x 60 x 8.5 cm

Stone surface fabricator Lithos Design continues its partnership with industrial designer Raffaello Galiotto with Foulard, a modular cladding that mimics lightweight fabric rippling in the wind. As part of the company’s Drappi di Pietra collection, Foulard is designed with a series of folds and waves to create a surface with complex shapes but relatively fast installation on a vertical surface with the company’s clipping system.

Top Ten, Loft Design System, Decorative Wall Panels, 3D Wall Panels

2. Decorative Wall Panels
MANUFACTURER: Loft Design System
PRICE: $24.60
60 x 60 x 1-3 cm

Polish brand Loft Design System’s decorative panel designs are handmade from a gypsu- based composite. The panels feature subtle patterns and textures – perfect for creating a feature wall within an otherwise ordinary space.

Top Ten, modularArts, 3D Wall Panels, InterlockingRock - Dune

3. InterlockingRock – Dune
Price / SqFt: $16.80
32″ H x 32″ W x 1″ D

modularArts’ InterlockingRock PANELS are dimensional panels that work in multiples to create a continuous, uninterrupted sculptural wall. The proprietary, steel-reinforced joints interlock to ensure accurate panel-to-panel alignment and superior joint stability. Cast entirely of mineral, the panels are durable, safe, and healthy.

Top Ten, Kaza Concrete, 3D Wall Panels, Form, Erica Wakerly

4. Form
DESIGNER: Erica Wakerly
26 x 10 cm

Kaza Concrete is a fine-concrete design and manufacturer company who launched the world’s first bespoke concrete tile design service. Each Form tile can be applied individually in a continuous repeat, or in endless combinations with the other 3D Form tiles to create a cohesive bespoke pattern.

Top Ten, MyWallArt, 3D Wall Panels, 3D Wall Panels in Ellipses

5. 3D Wall Panels in Ellipses
50 x 50cm

WallArt 3D Wall Decor Panels are chic, contemporary, and customizable, bringing dimension and texture to any wall. Create a feature wall easily with these 100% recycled and 100% biodegradable/compostable tiles.

Top Ten, BuzziSpace, 3D Wall Panels, BuzziTile 3D, Sas Adriaenssens

6. BuzziTile 3D
DESIGNER: Sas Adriaenssens
80 x 40 cm

Made from recycled wool, recycled poly-acrylic and recycled rags, the BuzziSkin 3D Tiles make a playful feature out of acoustic walls. Shapes and colors combine to create a functional and decorative feature.

Top Ten, NunoErin, 3D Wall Panels, Touch Wall Panels

7. Touch Wall Panels
PRICE: $100/sq. ft
12″x 12″, 18″ x 18″, and 24″ x 24″ sizes

Modular, interactive panels that can be touched to shift colors in response to body heat, the Touch Wall Panels by NunoErin use an acoustic foam core to control the sound. Equipped with a magnetic hanging system, the panels can be moved and shifted around to your heart’s content. Choose between green that turns to yellow, purple to pink, orange to yellow, black to green and blue along with custom color options for larger projects.

Top Ten, Patrycja Domanska, 3D Wall Panels, Edgy

8. Edgy
DESIGNER: Patrycja Domanska

Edgy is a three-dimensional tile made up of asymmetrical surfaces, ‘folding’ onto one plane to form a hexagonal base. By playing with concave and convex planes and using them to accentuate one another, it creates the effect of visually pulling the user towards itself. Because of Edgy’s asymmetry, the tiles can be positioned in a number of different ways to achieve various effects.

Top Ten, Spinneybeck, 3D Wall Panels, Harlequin, Genevieve Bennett Studio Collection

9. Harlequin
DESIGNER: Genevieve Bennett Studio
30.48 x 30.48 cm

Layered Tiles from the Genevieve Bennett Studio Collection combine the characteristics of natural leather with a geometric pattern. Harlequin reflects traditional brogue shoes, specifically the punched hole detail around the seams of these shoes, combined with a simple repeating geometric to create rich detail and striking overall pattern.

10. Fusión Wood Panels
MANUFACTURER: Architectural Systems Inc.
4′ x 8′ x 12 mm

Blending old world craftsmanship and contemporary design with passion and imagination, Fusión Wood Panels deliver an organic architectural statement. This sustainable collection is a mix of natural materials and reclaimed wine barrels for a textural and dimensional effect in a range of patterns and species, including Teak American + Portuguese Oak, Tineo, Ironwood, Yellow Iroko, and Cork.

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