Homage to London: James Henry Austin’s Project Won

Well, the Olympics have concluded and what remains left behind? The phantom splash of Michael Phelp’s gigantic arms? The ghostly whoosh of displaced air behind the unperceived flurry of Usain Bolt’s legs? How about a perfectly crafted collection of wooden furniture  courtesy of Shropshire England’s very own James Henry Austin?

Project Won Evokes the Glory of the Games and the Good Sense of Upcycling

Homage to London: James Henry Austin’s Project Won.

Constructed of salvaged flooring sourced from athletics halls across the U.K., Austin’s Project Won line is an homage to the venerated sporting tradition in England. Austin crafts these fine pieces in his very own Shropshire workshop, “using time tested traditional joinery techniques.”

Homage to London: James Henry Austin’s Project Won.

In the spirit of old world artisans, Austin hand-sands the planks himself, then assembles them into the contemporary chair, table, bench, coffee table, and coat rack you see before you.

Homage to London: James Henry Austin’s Project Won.

The pieces display a millennial flair for the slim profile, the clean line, yet they also retain a venerable vestige of the past, as the hand sanding “leaves the original sports lines on display.” A natural wax oil coating seals the deal, as it were, making Project Won a versatile collection that works in a variety of venues.

For specifiying information contact James Henry Austin: order@jameshenraustin.co.uk.

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About the Manufacturer: James Henry Austin creates and builds sustainable furniture. The design/manufacture firm employs reclaimed materials sourced from UK grown or salvaged furniture. These are lovely, handcrafted items that showcase the natural beauty of wood: “built to last, one piece at a time.”

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