Cloe Conceals and Reveals

Cloe Conceals and Reveals

Madrid-based Woodendot is inspired by a love of minimalism, sustainability, and smart design—three attributes that are certainly apropos of the company’s Cloe Modular Storage system.

Cloe side by side short and tall module in wood

The concept is simple enough but notable for its flawless execution. Different-height storage modules stack effortlessly upon a streamlined base; the modules may be left open or adorned with metal or wood doors; and it may be expanded vertically or horizontally, in order to “furnish your space exactly how you need it and like it.”

Cloe short module overhead view

With Cloe, options abound. The solid oak may be left natural or painted black, and the reversible doors are available in wood or metal. Metal features an intriguing diagonal pattern, while wood is either plain front or with a dramatic vertical carving.

Cloe two short modules side by side in wood

The vertical carving on the optional doors adds texture and visual interest.

Cloe also achieves a seamless look. Eyelid-shaped corners create a clean junction between top and legs, and all hardware is hidden from view. This gives it a best-of-both-worlds aspect: a modular furnishing that evolves with your lifestyle yet offers the aesthetic of a handcrafted heirloom piece.

Cloe tall module in black

Designer Daniel Sánchez García created Cloe to embrace and accommodate life’s fluidity: “We want our pieces to be alive alongside their owners and to transform as their lifestyles do.” Thus, Cloe’s panoply of possible uses: bookshelf, TV stand, shoe rack, side table, cabinet, or room divider.

Cloe detail of vertical carving on wood doors

This is certainly music to my ears. Cloe’s combination of artful design and high function makes it a versatile piece that grows with its users, transforming to suit aesthetic whims and pressing needs. What could be more sustainable than that?

Cloe side by side short and tall module in living room

To find our more about Cloe’s approach to modular storage see Woodendot.

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