The Way Kitchen Enhances Snaidero’s Modular Line

As a grizzled veteran of the Internet age, I sometimes feel like I’m privy to certain cultural phenomena that my readership is not. How many out there, for instance, can say that they remember the classic Burger King tagline, “Have It Your Way?” It just goes to show that there’s a kitschy cultural analogue for just about anything, even the infinitely more refined designer kitchen, Way by Snaidero.

Way kitchen. Manufactured by Snaidero.

Having It Your Way Means Unrivaled Aesthetic Variability from Snaidero

Way Kitchen. Manufactured by Snaidero.

Way is a modular concept that joins two of Snaidero’s previous kitchen collections—Orange and Code—in offering consumers a tremendous number of aesthetic and functional choices, “over 100 combinations of cabinet doors, colors, finishes and open shelving units.”

Way Kitchen. Manufactured by Snaidero.

Among this panoply of mix and match possibilities, perhaps the most intriguing contender is Snaidero’s patented Smoked Oak. By heat treating rough wood with ammonia, Snaidero is able to achieve a comprehensive range of tonal and textural variations. The process modulates the innate yellow-green tones of the wood, unveiling a spectacular display of organic shades in a time-sensitive process: “until the desired colour is obtained and highlighted by the wood’s characteristics (grains), reminiscent of naturally aged oak.”

Way Kitchen. Manufactured by Snaidero.

Other options include the signature recessed groves of Way’s doors, which do away with the need for handles and enhance the kitchen’s slim and sleek appearance; as well as elegant shelf finishes in glass or mica-based lacquer: “The adaptable modular solutions, along with a variety of freestanding pieces and chromatic options help create infinite compositions to suit any footprint, layout, and domestic habit.”

About the Manufacturer: For 65 years Snaidero has designed and manufactured kitchens and kitchen components with a cutting edge look and a careful eye to functionality. This last quality is of supreme importance in the kitchen, and Snaidero consistently balances the needs of a kitchen-based lifestyle with an avant garde aesthetic. The company routinely attracts leading designers—Massimo Iosa Ghini, Angelo Mangiarotti, and Paolo Pininfarina have all authored original work for Snaidero.

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