Clear the Air: Kitchen Trend

Clear the Air: Kitchen Trend

Kitchen ventilation hoods used to be necessary eyesores. But today’s systems not only look good and fit into a range of interior styles, they also help home chefs cook and entertain with new technology clears the air with less noise and more power:

kitchen, trend, vent hood, Zephyr, Elica

Elica Twin: Providing ambient light and a Magic Wand touch control, the stainless steel and glass hood can take the place of a chandelier over cook tops or dining surfaces.

kitchen, trend, vent hood, Zephyr, Monsoon

Zephyr Monsoon DCBL: A traditional one-piece liner is upgraded with an ultra-quiet 715-CFM motor and an ADA-compliant remote control.

Snaidero, vent hood, kitchen, trend

Snaidero Lux Extractor Hood: The company’s new kitchen design, Lux, features an island extractor hood with controlled bipolar ionisation technology that purifies the air.

Electrolux, Cyli, vent hood, kitchen, trend

Electrolux Cyli: Designed to ventilate and illuminate, the cylindrical hood won a 2012 Red Dot award for a design that can fit into extended living areas.

GE, vent hood, kitchen, trend, Elica, Zephyr

GE Caf© Vent Hood: Designed to complement other appliances in the Caf© line, this hood has restaurant-insired looks and function with powerful 590-CFM venting and halogen cooktop lights.

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