The Anytime Seating Line by SitOnIt Seating

I’ve never seen a more concise descriptor of product function than the company named SitOnIt. From the humble environs of Cypress, CA, SitOnIt Seating provides “Great chairs at affordable prices that always ship in 2-10 days.” They also, “Get It,” as they say—a catch all aphorism that succinctly summarizes the manufacturer’s goal of providing premium on-demand product featuring high quality construction and the very latest in ergonomic functionality.

Anytime Task line. Manufactured by SitOnIt.

SitOnIt Seating’s Anytime Task Line Works For Healthcare, Education, and Corporate Venues

The line with the equally descriptive moniker of Anytime features visco-elastic foam, a contoured seat and back, and perforated polypropylene shell. Each of these characteristics conspires to create an exceedingly comfortable sit, regardless of the sitter’s locale and vocation—teacher, student, nurse, doctor, or corporate exec.

Anytime Task Line. Manufactured by SitOnIt.

While the Anytime Line works in any contract venue, it holds special appeal for healthcare workers. The Anytime Task Chair offers a tubular frame design that’s both classic and contemporary, with exceptional durability to withstand all the rigors of patient rooms, waiting areas, and doctors’ offices.

Anytime Task Line. Manufactured by SitOnIt.

And the Anytime Stool offers the very same ergonomic features and resilient construction of the Task Chair, while its 44” overall height and 14-½” back height makes it the perfect tool for the unconventional workstations found in hospitals as well as the go to chair to accompany the impromptu standing desks of healthcare environments.

Anytime Task Line. Manufactured by SitOnIt.

The Anytime Line comes standard with scuff-less molded glides. Frames are available with a black or silver finish, and SitOnIt offers the task chair, stool, and standard armless chair in six designer colors, with or without padded upholstery.

About the Manufacturer: SitOnIt Seating has taken a page from Fonzie’s book. Though in the former’s case the imperative form of the clause has manifestly positive, not to mention literal, overtones. SitOnIt is absolutely serious when they implore consumers to sample their extensive line of task chairs and multi-purpose seating, whether the chair in question is the contoured In Flex designed by Giancarlo Piretti, or the tremendous versatility of Volley: “from meeting, training and conference rooms, to break, dorm and classrooms, not to mention labs, reception halls and waiting rooms, the Volley Series has a wide variety of models and a wider variety of options-to specify any space.”

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