Make it Work (and Rework): Dala by Dedon

As a child, I loved visiting my grandmother—in large part, because all the grandchildren had their own shiny metal cups. Mine was magenta. Gleaming and bright, those aluminum tumblers were something from the 1970s that I truly enjoyed. Another favorite of mine from that decade is the plaid woven folding chair, which my grandmother liked to take to the beach. There is something reminiscent of both of these enjoyable designs in Dala by Dedon, a set of lounge furniture made from recycled packaging mixed with recyclable polyethylene.

Dala. Designed by Stephen Burks. Manufactured by Dedon.

Bright Recycled Lounge Furniture Reuses Food and Drink Packaging

Meaning “to make” in Senegalese dialect, Dala uses a new material developed by Dedon, a mix of recycled packaging, including food and drink packaging, and recyclable polyethylene, as well as aluminum structural mesh. The weave of the Dala furniture is whimsical and colorful, and the shapes are superbly round.

Dala. Designed by Stephen Burks. Manufactured by Dedon.

Dala includes a lounge chair, ottoman, and stool/side table. The trio is the creation of Stephen Burks, who has managed to make a green product playful and ethnic. The stools have the bulbous shape of Indian turbans or African drums. And the lounge chair resembles a jeweled cabochon.

Dala. Designed by Stephen Burks. Manufactured by Dedon.

Via Inhabitat.

About the Manufacturer: As a manufacturer of exclusive outdoor furniture, Dedon is one of the world’s leading providers in this industry. Founded in 1990 by former professional soccer player Bobby Dekeyser, Dedon revolutionized the outdoor furniture market with groundbreaking designs in the space of a few years. With over 3,000 employees, Dedon is now represented in more than 80 countries and maintains Dedon showrooms in Barcelona, Paris, Hong Kong, Vienna, Hamburg, Antwerp, Monaco, Milan, Limassol and Athens. Dedon furniture is created in collaboration with international designers, based on German standards of quality, and is manufactured by hand in traditional fashion by trained artisans on the island of Cebu in the Philippines. In this way, every piece of furniture embodies the combination of modern technology and century-old craftsmanship.

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