LucidiPevere Rho Ottomans for Davis Furniture

LucidiPevere Rho Ottomans for Davis Furniture

Picture a collection of timeworn stones scattered about the Italian countryside and you have a pretty good idea of the Rho Ottomans, by Davis Furniture.

Rho Ottomans three sizes blue, green, gray/green

Designed by LucidiPevere, Rho is a collection of different-sized ottomans, from single-seats to loungers and low coffee-table heights.

Rho Ottomans three single seat white and two larger green and blue with cafe tables

Lucidi Pevere created Rho with soft, fluid forms in mind, so the look is playful and casual: “We wanted to empower designers and users to play with the different shapes, colors and sizes.”

Rho Ottomans medium-wide view of four ottomans, two white, one gray/brown, and one blue

The versatile color palette, and the eye-catching detail of an open-chain stitch at the center of each piece, make Rho engaging, functional, and fun—perfect for today’s dynamic workspaces.

Rho Ottomans overhead view showing center stitch one white, one gray/brown

See Davis Furniture to find out more.

Posted February 17, 2020 by Joseph Starr

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