The New Basket Occasional Table by Carolina

Perhaps one of those pageant reality shows, like Toddlers and Tiaras, could prove that tying a perfect bow with a satin ribbon is not as easy as it looks. So that the loops curve around themselves without pleating or gathering, the knot is flat and uncreased, and the ends flank the bottom sides symmetrically requires practice. Replace that satin bow with stainless steel, however, and the thin profile of the ribbon-like base that carries the Basket occasional table by Carolina will require no manipulation whatsoever.

Basket occasional table. Manufactured by Carolina.

Elegant and Timeless is the Ribbon-Like Stainless Steel Base of the Basket Occasional Table.

“Basket occasional tables are the perfect mix of function and sophistication,” describes the Carolina website that recently showcased their ribbon-based Basket occasional table at front and center within Loewenstein’s Interlude lounge seating collection at NeoCon 2012. As partner companies under the OFS Brands’ umbrella – along with First Office, OFS and Styline Logistics – the collaborations begin to seem endless for healthcare, office, corporate, commercial and other contract environments.

Basket occasional table. Manufactured by Carolina.

“With a sleek stainless steel base and multiple surface options that include wood veneer, laminate and solid surface, the Basket table’s distinct design is sure to make a statement,” continues Carolina of their new Basket table. “Available in various shapes and sizes, the unique look of the Basket occasional tables will compliment any design.”

Basket occasional table. Manufactured by Carolina.

Bring together the modern look of the Basket’s polished base with the customized tabletop surface to bring out that timeless Carolina style.

About the Manufacturer: Carolina Business Furniture has been designing and manufacturing contract seating solutions in their 100,000 square foot Archdale, NC facility for over sixty years. Reaching the needs of the growing healthcare industry – with lines like the Amico Collection – they use modular solutions and fluid collections to connect waiting areas and lounges to patient rooms in modest, contemporary wood and upholstered styles. Using various textile options that total up into the thousands, Architex, DesignTex, Maharam, Momentum and Paul Brayton are just a few options employed by their vast roster.

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