More than Modern: The Adjustable Table by BoConcept

Take a close look at the ideal architectural structures that are part-minimalist, part-industrial, and part-log cabin wood. If there’s any doubt that the most anxiety-proof, gorgeous homes and offices do not combine the above elements into their basic framework I’d have to call your bluff. BoConcept appears to have been well aware of this fact when they recently created the Adjustable Table, so there is absolutely no excuse its a sound collaboration of essentials.

Adjustable Table. Designed by BoConcept.

Choose the Perfect Height for Your Oak and Steel Adjustable Table by BoConcept.

The minimalist idea in the Adjustable Table design stems from a design that focuses on its lines and joints being visible, clean and of the utmost craftsmanship. Stir in the industrial look of the residential table’s versatile metal base that functions as a foldable machine with the sharp look of its white, gray and wood grain surface layer for a designed table featuring black-stained oak veneer and brushed steel.

Adjustable Table. Designed by BoConcept.

Given its somewhat generic table title, the Adjustable Table had better not deviate from the changing shape it suggests. Sure enough, the height of the new BoConcept side table can be adjusted from 15-3/4″ to 29-1/2″ high. Meanwhile, the width comes in two different sizes – 27-3/4″ or almost double in width at 55-1/4″ – with a solid depth of 47-1/4″.

Adjustable Table. Designed by BoConcept.

Raise it tall and mighty or keep it at a nice, low bend – either way, the sexy lines of the modern Adjustable Table by BoConcept accompanies everything from beds to sofas with class.

About the Manufacturer: Since 1952, BoConcept has begun their quest as a Danish design and manufacturing house to completely change the way we look at modern furniture and product design. In the almost 60 years of furniture concept designs and completion of living, working, sleeping, eating and other areas, they now consist of more than 250 store worldwide and have made a great reputation built on high quality and customer service.

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