Designed for Magic: Hide & Seek Bedside Chests by Florent Coirier

Hidden treasures, secret codes, and the general idea of magic is a layer of day-to-day living that sometimes is forgotten. Whether a person believes in their imagination or not, we all still appreciate designs that give us the choice to shield and/or discover something. Thanks to the bedside chest designs of Hide & Seek by Florent Coirier, we get to experience a somewhat controlled “disappearing act” on a daily basis.

Hide & Seek bedside cabinets. Designed by Florent Coirier.

Colorful Hide & Seek Nightstands Use Magic to Appear Tidy at All Times

Using a mirror that is tilted at 45 degrees, the Hide & Seek nightstands “reflect the pattern of the liner and suggest that the box is empty” says Coirier of the colorful box. The oldest trick in the book? Perhaps. But have you ever seen this type of storage in a nightstand? Likely not.

Hide & Seek bedside cabinets. Designed by Florent Coirier.

Each Hide & Seek bedside cabinet is made using wood that comes from eco-managed forests and also comes with a solvent-free paint finish. Beyond the mirror, the inner, paneled upholstery lining is made from a biologic, or organic, fabric.

Hide & Seek bedside cabinets. Designed by Florent Coirier.

Apparently focusing on the playful side of a small storage space that works well for your Kindle, cell phone, keys, etc. is just one characteristic that shines through among Coirier’s dedication to a strong exterior structure, brilliant color options and of course the Hide & Seek’s eco-friendly construction.

via Freshome.

About the Designer: Born in Nantes in 1983, Florent Coirier is a designer of Franco-Polish origin who resides and works surrounded by the enchanting city of Paris. Since his design school graduation from ENSAAMA/Olivier de Serres, he had been living in Birmingham, England. In 2005 he graduated from the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design with both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Design after which he moved back to France to work on personal projects and create for the Christophe Pillet design agency.

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