Roughly Drawn Never Looked So Good: RD4 Chair by Liddle and Cohda

At a nearby Italian restaurant, I like to order a dish entitled straw and hay, which features long ribbons of spinach fettuccini covered in a delectable Alfredo sauce. I am reminded of the green strands of pasta when I look at the limited edition RD4 Chair. Made of 100% recycled plastic waste, the RD4 (as in Roughly Drawn) is hand-woven using “early experimental plastic processes developed by Richard Liddle and Cohda.” In lime green, RD4 looks as if it’s composed of a jumble of thickly formed spinach noodles; in black, the pieces resemble licorice or taffy.

RD4 Chair. Designed by Richard G. Liddle. Manufactured by Cohda.

100% Recycled Plastic Chair

RD4 Chair. Designed by Richard G. Liddle. Manufactured by Cohda.
Besides the random openness of the design, which gives the chair a feeling of lightness (as if something solid entered a dreamscape and became ephemeral), the beauty of RD4 lies in its recycled content and its inventive production process. Designed by Richard G. Liddle and manufactured by Cohda, the RD4 Chair uses no glue or additional fixings—just “heat and skill.” Each color is limited to a run of 50 pieces, giving this innovative chair a paradoxical identity: green yet exclusive. RD4 is fast becoming one of this century’s most identifiable eco-friendly products. It was shortlisted for the House and Garden Classic awards under the “Innovation” category.

RD4 Chair. Designed by Richard G. Liddle. Manufactured by Cohda.

This is not surprising coming from UK design studio Cohda, which prides itself on furniture and products that break established norms. Cohda also manufactures another 3rings’ favorite, the Revive Coffee Legs. These four legs let anyone make a coffee table from any flat surface without tools or skill. That is sustainable design at its best, since it encourages people to reuse.

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About the Manufacturer: UK firm Cohda wants to achieve “anarchy by design by upsetting, disturbing and unsettling normal design trends and poking you in the eye with entirely new designs.” Cohda launches their unique objects at international design shows and also works with different clients on consultancy projects.

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