The ío 3D Light Series by Occhio

If the ío 3D lights weren’t showcased as well as they are in their 56-second product video I might have been as confused about their designs as I am about their German manufacturer’s name being Occhio (meaning “eye”, or “watch out/be careful”, in Italian). I suppose we truly must admit our world is globalized when a Munich-based company labels each of their new ío 3D lamps with Italian references like “Basso”, “Tavolo”, “Lettura”, “Soffitto” and “Pico”.

ío 3D Lettura lamp. Manufactured by Occhio.

Simple Gestures Change the Light Intensity of the Flexible ío 3D Lamp by Occhio.

Where does one begin to describe the five variations of Occhio’s new little light when the possibilities seem to flood in with no end in sight. For starters, the five versions listed above range from the floor, wall, and table to the ceiling in every size imaginable. What’s interesting is that each of the light’s round bulbs remain the same size, creating the perfect amount of illumination whether the body stretches out or the bulb itself appears fastened to the wall like a circular sconce.

ío 3D Lettura lamp. Manufactured by Occhio.

ío 3D lamp. Manufactured by Occhio.

The new ío 3D series from Occhio is described as one that comes with numerous “individual styling options” as well as three-dimensional movability. Using an LED bulb with a heat-insulated grip surface, the light can swirl around on its axis, aiming its rays in a desired direction for an individualized feel. Additionally, Occhio has created the ío 3D lamp to react to simple gestures without touch – to turn it on, dim the light, and turn it off.

ío 3D Lettura lamp. Manufactured by Occhio.

ío 3D Basso lamp. Designed by Occhio.

ío 3D Lettura lamp. Manufactured by Occhio.

ío 3D Tavolo lamp. Designed by Occhio.

Thanks to the German design company’s out-of-the-box approach to creating Italian-inspired light fixtures in five lovely options, the ío 3D lamp is one of the most versatile lamps for the home or office.

About the Manufacturer: As a leader in developing innovative lamps within the interior lighting industry, Occhio GmbH sets the curve in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with its eyes set on the world market. Thanks to their keen design sense and modular functions, designer Axel Meise’s overall vision for his company was realized through groundbreaking research and trendsetting since 1999.

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