Axolight’s DoDot Does it Well

Axolight’s DoDot Does it Well

Axolight’s DoDot, by Simone Micheli, is a compact wall and ceiling lamp that packs an aesthetic and architectural punch.

Axolight's DoDot Cement ceiling

With a simple double-hemisphere form, DoDot fits into small spaces with panache. One half of this dynamic duo tracks up or down the other, achieving a +/- 46-degree variance for directing light.

Axolight's DoDot Blue Wall

DoDot’s 17.6 W LED light source offers a penetrating brightness of two thousand lumens. And it’s dimmable—for those times when you’d like to tone it down a bit.

Axolight's DoDot white ceiling with salmon colored wall behind

Options include aluminum (15-degree opening angle) and glass (48 degree) reflectors and a range of comely color options: white, black, blue, cement, and mauve powder.

Axolight's DoDot white wall

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