Grenite Engineered Stone is a New Sustainable Surface Solution

In the great tradition of swapping out a vowel to create a product that is new, different… ostensibly similar in the good ways but different in the bad, comes Grenite engineered stone. Perhaps the best example of the aforementioned trick of language is when “Crab” becomes “Krab”—a dubious switch at best. In the case of Grenite, however, the change just may be for the better, because this brand of engineered stone has all the aesthetic and textural appeal of granite, albeit, absent the environmental price tag.

Grenite engineered stone. Manufactured by Grenite.

Grenite is An Excellent Sustainable Option for Hard Surfaces of All Stripes

Conceived of as an alternative to the extractive nature of granite, quartz, and marble, Grenite is constructed of a ceramic/resin matrix that incorporates 85% post consumer material—“After that, 100% of Grenite is recyclable, ready to be used again in the creation of new Grenite.”

The extraordinary renewability of the product keeps it in conformance with a cradle-to-cradle philosophy, a “closed loop” ethos in which 100% of the product can be re-fashioned into new raw material for the very same product.

Grenite Engineered Stone. Manufactured by Grenite.

This enhanced degree of sustainability gives Grenite excellent environmental credentials.  Use of the product helps designers and architects achieve LEED points in three different categories: Recycled Content, Regional Materials, and Low VOC emissions.

Further, Grenite is not only socially responsible, it’s also versatile and aesthetically appealing. The product is manufactured as flat sheets (5′ x 10′ x 5/8″) that can be molded and cut like any masonry product. Grenite has manufactured these flat sheets into counter and table tops, as well as outdoor furniture, sinks, and tile for floors and walls. The product is also available as a surface covering (similar to stucco) in “troweled on” applications.

Grenite Engineered Stone. Manufactured by Grenite.

Currently offered in nine different colors, including eye catchers like the deep blue of “Azulize” and the vibrant maroon of “Rouho,” Grenite has all the visual intricacy and textural allure of granite. It’s non-porous (no sealing required), fire retardant, scratch resistant, impervious to fungi and bacteria, and just as strong as traditional solid surfaces—in every way, “the right product for a new world.”

About the Manufacturer: Grenite is engineered stone created from an environmentally-sensitive matrix of ceramic and resin. The product uses up to 85% post-consumer materials. It’s also 100% recyclable as the raw material for new Grenite. In addition to its excellent resilience, high durability, low maintenance, and stylish aesthetic, Grenite’s superlative sustainability makes it an attractive option for many surface applications, including counters, table tops, and basins: “Grenite is proven to withstand the demands of high-traffic applications in retail, banking, hospitality, entertainment, restaurants and more.”

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