NeoCon 2024: Bolete Lounge BIO by Patricia Urquiola

NeoCon 2024: Bolete Lounge BIO by Patricia Urquiola

Pop aesthetics drift organic in Patricia Urquiola’s Bolete Lounge BIO for Andreu World. This soft and armless upholstered chair with an unforgettable personality allows for curvilinear and cozy lounge compositions in homes, hotels, restaurants, waiting rooms, meeting rooms, and work environments.

A cluster of Bolete Lounge BIO chairs

As a designer Patricia Urquiola “brings a somewhat relaxed attitude to the great dogmas of design.” She says “dare me” when established design norms tell her she can’t. So it’s beautiful to know her intrepid spirit is still wildly intact. Initially she shot down Andreu World with a big fat “no” when they suggested she come up with an idea for a wooden couch. Instead, they dreamed up what became Bolete Lounge BIO.

Bolete Lounge BIO comes in a variety of Andreu World upholstery. The organic form ridged base comes in four noted neutrals: Black, Basalt, Terracotta, or Sand.

Fabric close-up of Bolete Lounge BIO for Andreu World

It seems Bolete Lounge BIO got the memo on the 2024 Pantone Color of the Year, Peach Fuzz. Bolete’s ripened apricot and cut papaya shade glistens with a fabric sheen like a hummingbird’s wings.

Bolete Lounge BIO in situ

Bolete cools and calms and totally gives off sanctuary vibes. These seats are meant to spark deeper conversations and recreate unexpected corners of closeness. These are the kind of seating arrangements that have a natural inclination to heal rather than overwhelm or harm.

It’s worth mentioning, too, that lately in our 3rings writing—NeoCon 2024 show coverage and beyond—we’ve been writing out the phrase “100%.” Like, a lot. 100% renewable. 100% compostable. 100% post-consumer waste. 100% organic, natural, recycled, recyclable, etc. Never would I have envisioned compostable furniture as a mainstay in global collections but consumer demand and designer ingenuity invariably paves the way to an unexpected, and remarkably brighter frontier.

Bolete Lounge BIO in situ

Bolete Lounge BIO also qualifies for its very own 100% badge. It’s definitely part of the sustainability club. Bolete’s ridged central base is made of a BIO Thermo polymer that comes from natural origin and is 100% non-fossil. It is completely 100% recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable at the end of its life. Even the interior structure and foams can be put in the recycling. This soft seating was designed with the circular economy in mind.

The Bolete Chair for NeoCon 2024

The Bolete Chair is a Best of NeoCon 2024 Sustainability winner in the Guest Seating category. Stop by the Andreu World Booth 10-132 at NeoCon 2024 to take a peek.

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