Get Fired Up with Nago by Koloo

If you’ve ever had to vent a fireplace or wood stove, then you know how much trouble it can be. Do you put the pipe in the ceiling or the wall? Who will install the thing so that you can be safe from chimney fires? Will the insurance company approve of the specifications? You’ll have none of these concerns if you choose a freestanding eco-fireplace from Koloo—which is actually more of a decorative fire appliance, as its panels measure approximately eight inches. The Italian company makes the Nago-L and Nago-S, two modern mini-towers with a glowing fire at the top.

Nago-L eco-fireplace. Manufactured by Koloo.

Flueless Eco-Fireplace with Modular Magnetic Panels

Nago-S Eco-Fireplace. Manufactured by Koloo.

Nago-L and its smaller counterpart Nago-S highlight the lovely flame of the fire by ensconcing it within two glass partitions. The square pieces of the base get covered in a variety of materials, as per the customers’ desire—everything from acrylic and Plexiglas to stone and ceramic. Nago-L stacks three square units atop one another, while Nago-S sticks to one. Constructed of a white steel structure, the Nago eco-fireplaces are little flueless wonders.

Nago-S Eco-Fireplace. Manufactured by Koloo.

Better than their size is Nago’s versatility. Its panels can be changed easily (they’re attached using a magnetic system), so the look of your personal fire appliance can reflect not only your style, but your mood as well. Choose hot red Plexiglas for nights when you feel daring or cool white ceramic for days when you feel subdued. Completely made in Italy, Nago-L and Nago-S fit lots of interiors, including living rooms, bedrooms, restaurants, and hotels.

Nago-S Eco-Fireplace. Manufactured by Koloo.

About the Manufacturer: Koloo is an Italian design company with a new idea—to let the customer be the designer. Following this philosophy, Koloo products are available exclusively online through Koloo’s web store. The company offers modern furniture and accessories in a variety of materials: stone, wood, ceramic, eco-leather, metal, and Plexiglas. Koloo products include lamps, eco-fireplaces, coffee tables, shelving, and accessories such as mirrors and candlesticks.

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